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Wali Table Tv Stand

Are you looking for a great looking, easy to use table top stand? look no further than wali. Our universal lcd flat screen tv stand is perfect for those looking for an excellent top stand to place in their tv room. With a quick and easy installation, wali is perfect for those looking to get their tv ready to show off. Plus, our stand has a base that fits 22 to 65 tvs001 models. With great sound and an easy to use stand, wali is perfect for any tv room.

Table Top TV Stand

Table Top TV Stand

By Wali


Wali Tabletop Tv Stand Instructions Tvs001

Tabletop tv stand instructions if you're looking for an easy, professional-grade tabletop tv stand, look no further! This one-piece, metal-alleable stand is perfect for use in your space and provides plenty of space to set up your tvs. Plus, it's released from the weight of your tvs so you can focus on your tv show or movie. this stand is alsosufficient for using a tabletop tv camera, as it includes a included lens and stand to make setting up and taking take only a few minutes. And like all our other stands in our series, this one's named after a confirmed tabletop tv character! So whether you're looking for a traditional tv stand to keep your tvs healthy and looking good, or a lower-quality one that's slowly taking down your desk, this one's here to stay! so what are you waiting for? get started with this one-piece, metal-alleable tv stand today!

Wali Tv Stand

This table top tv stand with glass base and security wire is perfect for larger tvs. It can hold most 32 to 47 inch tvs with a secure zip-up hold. The table top stand is also adjustable to fit any shape or size. the wali tvs001 universal tv stand table top for most 22 to 65 inch lcd flat screen is perfect for those who want a stylish and functional tv stand. This stand can be attached to a wall or desk and has an adjustable height and contagion you canastrous effects protection for when you are watching your favorite tv show or movie. this powerful and sturdy tv stand is perfect for anyone with a 22 to 65 inch lcd flat screen tv. It has a wooden top with a hardwood bottom, and a metal frame for a sturdy build. The tv stand has a washer/sleeve for easy care, and a recovery port for when your tv stand fails. the wali tv stand is a great way to keep your tv in perfect condition; with its sleek black design, it is easy to get started with this tv stand. Plus, its easy-to-use controls make it easy to operate. With its!