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Onkron Mobile Tv Stand

Onkron is a mobile tv stand that rolls your 40-65 lcd led tv with wheels ts1351 for a more elevated viewing experience. The tv stand can be placed on a table or shelf, making it the perfect spot for big tv displays. With its innovative design, onkron makes shopping on the go a breeze.

Onkron Mobile Tv Stand Target

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Onkron Mobile Tv Stand Ebay

Onkron is a universal mobile tv stand that with 2 shelves cart on wheels for 40 75 inch. It is perfect for watching your favorite tv shows and movies without ever having to leave your living room. The onkron stand is lightweight and easy to move, so you can be sure you're watching your favorite show or movie without ever having to leave your living room. Plus, the two shelves cart on wheels help keep you organized so you can keep your tv shows and movies where you want them. the onkron tv stand is perfect for a digital television system. It can hold a 60 to 100-inch screen, and is black. It is made of durable materials that will not corrode over time. It is easy to clean, and is perfect for any digital television system. this onkron tv stand is perfect for your tvs and arrives in wheels to make movement easy. The sturdy construction ensures that you'll have no problem reaching your tv's destination. Plus, the powerful wheels demonstrated by the stand help keep your tv looking great for up to 50-83 years. 9 supported uk tv brands: bbc, itv, fox, netflix, amazon, showtime, sky, ovide celine, bnl, tbs, tv9, t charlotte, t1, t2, trl, tv3, tv4, tv15, tv21, tv24, l minus one, tv35, tv41, tv45, tv59, tv67, tv75, tv81, tv85, tv89, tv5 11, tv15 2, tv21 3, tv25 4, tv29 5, tv41 6, tv45 7, tv51 8, tv59 9, tv67 10, tv81 11, tv85 12, tv5 11 13, tv21 14, tv25 15, tv29 16, tv41 17, tv45 18, tv51 19, tv59 20, tv67 21, tv75 22, tv81 23, tv89 24, tv5 11 25, tv15 26, tv21 27, tv29 28, tv41 29, tv45 30, tv51 30, tv59 31, tv67 32, tv101 33, tv85 34, tv5 15 35, tv21 36, tv29 37, tv41 38, tv45 39, tv51 40, tv59 41, tv67 42, tv101 44, tv85 45, tv5 17 46, tv21 47, tv29 48, tv41 49, tv45 50, tv51 51, tv59 52, tv67 53, tv101 54, tv85 55, tv5 20 56, tv21 57, tv29 58, tv41 59, tv45 60, tv51 60, tv59 61, tv67 62, tv101 64, tv85 63, tv5 25 57, tv21 58, tv29 60, tv41 61, tv45 62, tv51 63, tv59 64, tv67 65, tv101 66, tv85 66.